The Pop PHP Framework is a lightweight, yet robust PHP framework that can be used for rapid application development. The framework itself has a base set of core components as well as numerous other additional components to facilitate many of the common features needed for a PHP application.

The two main concepts behind the Pop PHP Framework have always been:

  1. To be easy to use and lightweight
  2. To promote standards in development while maintaining a manageable learning curve

The goal is so that anyone from an advanced programmer to a novice developer can install and start using the Pop PHP Framework quickly and effectively.

About the Framework

Pop PHP is an open source, object-oriented PHP framework. At a minimum, it requires PHP 7.3. It is available on Github and through Composer. The framework is tested using PHPUnit and continuous integration is maintained using GitHub Actions.

A Brief History of Pop PHP

The humble beginnings of the framework started back in 2009 as a small library of components. From that, the Pop PHP Framework began to take shape and the very first version of it was released in early 2012. That version made it to 1.7 in 2014, where support for version 1 ended and work on version 2 began. Pop PHP 2 ushered in a significant refactor, taking advantage of PHP 5.4, eliminating dependencies among components, separating the components into self-contained repositories, and incorporating Composer.

On February 12, 2021, version 4.6.0 was released and it continues the development and growth that the previous versions set forth.

Community & Support

Being an open source project, Pop PHP welcomes input and collaboration from the community and maintains an open dialogue with the community. Issues can be submitted to the appropriate repository on Github. Additional support and communication is maintained in the Gitter chat room and Twitter. The API documentation is located on the website.